Walking on clear water that mirror my steps as they turn into nothing but ripples

These pictures have been taken in my hometown, Clearwater. (Canada, B.C.) In the pictures you can see for example our very own ski hill and some of the environment and the lovely, amazing mountains.

Someone once asked me (in the beginning of the year) if I feel like I can't breathe because of the mountains but I don't feel like that at all. They are so beautiful and the way they react to the weather never bores me.

The white peak of one mountain is called Raft Peak. It is the first and last thing to be covered with snow here in Clearwater. It's sitting there, on top of the world looking down at us and keeping an eye.

There is something utterly fascinating about rivers. That's what I've discovered during my stay. They never stop from flowing, except in the coldest of winters, when they freeze but the current stays alive underneath the surface.

Greetings from my host town, Clearwater


Anonymous said...

aika coolzei kuvii

- Panu

Riikka said...

kiitti panu!