The blue bridge

The Blue Bridge of Clearwater

This bridge reminded me of the book "The Bridges of Madison County". (The translation of the Finnish title is "Silent bridges" which I think is a beautiful name.) There are rarely any bridges this stunning anymore. I'm glad I got to walk on this one and take photos. On that day there was a slight breeze but mostly all I could hear was the dripping of the melting snow in the afternoon sun. The colour of the bridge was a light blue, so close to the tone of the sky. The brown wooden parts of it gave the cool blue a nice contrast. On one side there was a sidewalk for people to walk on. The grid on which the cars drove had such big holes, I was aftraid my foot would slip into one and get stuck.

I am so happy I finally took my camera to the bridge, when I had some free time, because when I was leaving the sun was already going down. It made me think how I had just barely captured the blue bridge at its most beautiful.

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