There's a light that never goes out

You might have already been guided here through Marina's blog naive. As always I'm a bit late in posting the pics, but here they come! Marina, from Germany visited me here in Finland last week. We made a photoshoot, which has turned into a habit of ours. Like usually I did the make-up, styling and pics and she was the most amazing model.

There's this amazing person on the planet called Marina. She's not only one of my best friends but one of the only people who I'm comfortable with when I'm taking pics of her. And she's comfortable infront of my camera. So it's a perfect match! And not only does she look like a model, she's very good in pics and is getting better all the time. All of this and she's only 15, turning 16!

naive. is about things she finds beautiful. She's crazy about quotes and I've never met a person with such love in music. She can fall deep into her thoughts and people might wonder why she's so quiet, but when you know her, you know you've got to love her. There are few things on Earth I enjoy more than having a good conversation with her. (Talking through the night and morning and finally at 8 am deciding to go to sleep.)

Her blog consists of self potraits and amazing photos that she takes of the world surrounding her. The quotes and great music just make the last finish!


camilla .. said...

hey.:) I really like your blog, your pictures. naive, which you were talking about is also super:)
what camera do you use?
xxx canie

Riikka said...

camilla: thank you so much! i use the nikon d80 and a 50mm objective

Ansku said...

Gotta love the last picture <3