Let's go eat some cake

This is the café I designed in our technical drawing lessons at school. We used the programm ArchiCad but I also did some sketching before I started. Everyone was always shouting and swearing at the programm because it was so confusing, annoying and it never did what you wanted... But in the end it was a lot of fun and I'm quit pleased with the end result. It was really slow doing this with the computer so I only made it this far. (It's supposed to be a café.. Haha)

What do you think?


Lejla said...

danke für dein kommentar! :D
jaa die werbung hat mich SEHR inspiriert haha :P

wunderschöner blogg <3
weiter so

würd mich freuen, wenn du mich verfolgst <3
verfolge ich dich auch gerne :D

glg Lejla <3

Bliss said...

quite impressive! I've done a wee bit of 3D modelling, but hated it. this must have taken you quite a while!

Riikka said...

Lejla: danke dir auch! ich schau mal öfter bei dir rein :)

Bliss: thanks, yeah it did :P

Laura Lucardies said...

what a wonderful blog! love it xx, and you deserve more followers!

Ronya said...

oh wow that's cool (Y) :D I love the chairs and big windows haha

Tanja-Mia said...

gefällt :>

Ina said...


das cafe wäre echt ziemlich schick :D

Riikka said...

Laura Lucardies: ooh thanks, that would be great :D

Ronya: yeah me too

Tanja-Mia: :)

Ina: schön zu hören :D