A motel I stayed in with my volleyball team. It looks like one of those motels where lovers go to in movies.


Lollo said...

sv: nejmen vilken komplimang! vad glad jag blir. tack <3

Fin blogg du har, och ja gud vad det där motellet skulle passa in i vilken film som helst typ! hihi :)

Riikka said...

Lollo: Tack so mycket! :)

Louise said...

oh man! i really have to say that i admire your blog! it's loooove! :D♥
i'm sorry for speaking english but i'm sure you'll understand it better than german, right?
best wishes, louise

Ansku said...

hahaha todellaki, ihan ku mermaid inn OC:ssa!

Riikka said...

Louise: thank you, it means a lot to me to hear that. :) <3

actually my english an german are pretty equal, so both are okay.

Ansku: hahah, jep!