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Somebody might have been wondering why I stopped posting. The reason is that I AM IN CANADA NOW for one year, it's an exchange. (Living in Clearwater, British Columbia) We had a kind of orientation camp in New York. It was amazing! On the last night we were hanging around in our crazy scary hotel. So creeepy... I really enjoyed taking these photos. I think these are more beautiful then the normal ones I took of New York. And now I can enjoy looking at these pics. Some of them make me gaze at them for a long time because of the beauty of these people.

More coming soon!

Love, Riikka


Tegan said...

these photos are AMAZING. they look like something from a movie! :D xo

Ansku said...

OH MY GOD sä oot siellä nyt!!! Pidä ihan hullun ihana vuosi, hitsi unohdin ihan et oot menossa ja suunnittelin et nähtäis joku päivä Kallios ja photoshootattais ja kaikkee... Vuoden päästä sitte :)) Stalkkaan sun blogia ahkerasti, eli muista päivittää kuulumisias! :p

Riikka said...

Tegan: ooooh thank you soo much!

Ansku: Ahahha, jepjep! Kuulostaa kivalta, mut pakko lykkää nyt.. :D

Caily said...

viel spaß !

louisa said...

i lived in canada as well! for 6 months, near toronto (ontario). have fun! it was the best time of my life!!=)

Riikka said...

louisa: really! how cool is that! :d