She acts like summer and walks like rain

 16 random things about me:

1. I like skin and bones. And this doesn't mean I like people who look anorectic.
2. I try to avoid kliseés. (But this post is quite much like one...)
3. It's quite easy for me to make friends but I only have a few real friends I feel like myself with and with whom I hang out.
4. I can be really productive but sometimes I'm really lazy or I just feel like I can't get anything done.
5. I don't really believe in inspiration. It's either there or it's not. No point in trying to wait for it.
6. I don't own an ipod or mp3 player or anything like that, but I do own a cd player.
7. I enjoy mimicing accents.
8. I like things that I get an adrenaline rush from. I guess everyone does?
9. I love wearing something that I feel like looks really great. I'm always little nervous when I'm wearing stuff that might make people stare at me for a sec more. But that feeling I get from it is exactly what I LOVE about dressing up. That's what makes it worth it.
10. So, yeah, I have to admit I love attention. But I'd never wear anything just for the heck of it. I wear stuff I love.
 11. I don't feel comfortable in "normal clothes" like jeans and t-shirts. Even if others told me I look pretty, I might feel stupid in that kind of clothes.
12. I love fishing.
13. I prefer heels to flats.
14. I love waking up early. But I love staying up all night.
15. I love contrasts.
16. I admire Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes. I can't say how much I looove her style. She's amazing and so beautiful and aaaaaah.

But now I need to go cook some tortellinis and then I got to to my summer job, which is selling strawberries. It's so hot here and sunny!

Love, Riikka


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