I remember me wishing them to take a bow for me like trees do when the wind blows

Is it all so balck and white? Is it better to leap and do what you want no matter what comes out of it or just wait for destiny to fullfill itself? Because I think I keep doing the latter and it isn't making me happy. But I don't know what would. Maybe life isn't about being happy but trying to achieve it. Because when you stop trying and believing for a better future what is there to live for anymore?

I can't take photos right now cos my camera is in maintenance or whatever you call it. And our scanner doesn't work so too bad, old pics this time.

Kisses, Riikka


aurelia said...

totaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal schöne bilder! :D

naja also ich bin teils finnin und bin jedes jahr im sommer in finnland! :D

Riikka said...

aurelia: dankeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. und des ist cool!