"Don't forget to fall in love" said the alcoholist to me. "I don't think it has anything to do with remembering!" I replied.

I felt like listing THINGS I LOVE RIGHT NOW:

 Finding beauty in casual things. One of the most beautiful things is shadow play.
 This is bit of the same as the one before.
 Mozarella! Yummmm! It's so delicious. I can't believe that I used to think it didn't taste like anything!
 My new gorgeous pink cell phone. Now I can finally text and it's quick!
 Watching movies. I've always loved it but now I love it even more. A movie is like a friend, when you feel lonely. And I've been feeling lonely quite a lot lately.
Making up some random dishes of leftover food. This was delicious. Self made garlic rocket baguette and pasta sauce and cheese! It's like a pizza. Mmmmm.. :-I

Enjoy what you got, Riikka


Caily said...

die fotos gefallen mir gut !
jetzt habe ich hunger bekommen ...

Riikka said...

Hihi, danke Caily!


Schööööne Bilder :}
Und das Telefon hab ich in beige-weiß :}

Riikka said...

Hahah cool.

Sylvie said...

exactly! there's so much beauty around.

by the way, i just spent a week in your country - it's so beautiful!

Riikka said...

Sylvie: <3 yep! Ooooh :) good for you