I'm on a roller coaster

There was this one young man today on train that sat on a seat infront of me. And I just stopped when I saw his cold pale green eyes with dark lashes. When I see people like that no matter man or woman, I just suck in their beauty. I want to remember every single feature of them. That's the power of beauty. I know that I'm only gonna remember his face as a picture in my head today. It'll get foggier every second. And because I secretly (or not that secretly) studied his face on the train after some time I'll only remember his face in theory, not as a picture.

 There's one thing I know for sure. There is a meaning in beauty. If not than just for the sake of eye candy.


Tegan said...

wow, this was a lovely post :) xo

Anonymous said...

These photos are just plain beautiful!!

Also, I really liked what you wrote about beauty. I know what you mean, sometimes when I see pretty people (no matter if man or woman) I just have to stare at their beauty. I don't want to make them feel bad, I just can't help it.

Anonymous said...

pretty pretty faces.

Riikka said...

Thanks to you both <3 I appreciate you commenting on my blog, even if I don't post that often.

Catherine said...

Great post.
I love your photo's. They are so.. human. And you show the beauty in people. I believe everybody has something beautiful inside him. You just have to find it (with your lens..)

Okay I hope you understand what I'm saying because I'm not really... clear. blegh i can't think atm.

Anyway. I love your blog. x catherine-oneway.blogspot.com

Riikka said...

Catherine: Yeah, I do understand what you are saying and I'm really thankful you waste your time in commenting on my blog. <3