Sometimes I sit in trains thinking of your anonymous swaggering

Today my friend Jenni and I visited the Marimekko Fashion Show for their 60th aniversary. The clothes were beautiful (even if it's not exactly my style), they had some fantastic music and we were blessed with warm and sunny weather. What I liked the most were the real flowers that were decorating the pretty dresses. Also the "cube"-jewellery attracted my attention and I fell in love with the turbans and hats.

Today was such a sunny day. Not only in the real meaning of sunny. I was really enjoying myself today. After my photography lesson I stayed at school to work in the darkroom.

Exam week starts next week. So I'll be studying and studying for the rest of the week. I'll be writing six (6!) exams, so don't expect that I'll be left with any time for posting. But after two weeks it's summer holidays and I'm free again!!!

Sleep tight, Riikka


Sini said...

Ihanan kesäisiä noi kuvat! En jaksais itekkään enää oottaa että saa koeviikon kärsittyä ja pääsee ottamaan rennosti :)

Riikka said...

Sini: kiitti, niimpä, mut sit on ihanaa :D

Jakob said...

danke danke viel mals... sollte funktionieren! es gibt es zwar leider nur für Wndows und nicht für mac, aber das ist auch nicht so schlimm denn wir habe beides... ;) kommst du denn ursprünglich aus Deutschland?! ganz ganz lieber gruss

Riikka said...

Jakob: danke, ne aber hab da (in münchen) ein jahr lang gewohnt, als ich 7 war. aber ich bin also finnin :D