it's about time


 These first ones are by Juan or Emmi.


First of May this is. We had so much fun.


Anonymous said...

Aha looove it!

Tegan said...

I love all those Converses of different colours and the bubble-blowing gif! So fun and summery! :) xo

Riikka said...

catarina: thanks!

Tegan: yeah :) i love the bubble-gif, too!

Annika said...

danke :)

PumpkinArmada said...

oij ihania kuvia!
t Juan!

Riikka said...

PumpkinArmada: kiitos!

Sarina said...

Love the picture with the chucks :D.

Cheers, Sarina
my blog: caught in cloudland

Riikka said...

Sarina: thanks!

Sylvie said...

the first of may seems to be so cold in Finland... I mean - I knew it's colder, but that much?

the photos are wonderful. they have the specific mood you put in photos :)

Riikka said...

Sylvie: hahha, well this year it was quite cold, maybe 18 degrees or less, but you know we were sitting for hours in the park, so you can't be wearing just one t-shirt.

It's colder but I wouldn't say that much, but maybe I'm just used to it. At the moment it's 20 degrees, which is quite warm for me at least :D

and thank you for your comment <3