And anyway, I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. I wasn't corrupted.


"Girls, we are angels, eagles! To dive is to fly. Set yourself free of the shackles of conformity. Let nothing hold you back except the air itself. You are between heaven and earth. The rules no longer apply."

by Miss G, from the movie Cracks


Marina said...

i miss you.

Riikka said...

Marina: <3 miss you, too.

Nando said...

danke für die vielen kommentare :)

xoxo nando

Riikka said...

Nando: danke, dir :)

cocolara said...

oh, dankeschön :>
deine bilder sind zauberhaft schön! ♥

Anonymous said...

Girl, you have such a beautiful blog! Thank you so much for commenting.
You can be sure I'll drop by soon!

Riikka said...

cocolara: danke!

catarina: oooh, thanks :) that's great!

Violetta E. said...


Riikka said...

Violetta E. <3