luminosity #1

I spent my day from 12 to 16 o'clock at the photo"studio" of my handicraft school. We explored the place looking for lights, backgrounds and etc. We discovered these amazing red and blue foils which we used to colour the light.

I have to say I love the one colour backgrounds when you want to concentrate on something else then the annoying wallpaper or the confusing stuff laying around in your room.

I'm going to post the second part of this shoot is later.

Love, Riikka


Alex said...

wunderschön :)
vor allem das erste foto!

bin dein neuer leser :)
grüße, alex

Riikka said...

Alex: danke! schön neue leser zu haben! :D

Sanni said...

tuo toisiksi viimeinen kuva on upea! muutkin kyllä myös

Riikka said...

Sanni: kiitti! tykkään itekin siitä eniten!